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May 15, 2024
Deer Lake
Hi I am new to cruising but I am retiring in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to learning from everyone's experience, especially trailerable trawlers.
Welcome! Where will you be keeping your boat? Looks like a real fish killer!
Welcome! Where will you be keeping your boat? Looks like a real fish killer!
I hit a rock last summer so I left my boat at Shearwater Central Coast BC where they did the repairs. I will be bringing it back to Spokane area at the end of this summer. I have knee replacement schedule for September and after that I will be prepping the boat for May 2025 to launch at Rocky Point and plan to fish and explore the Sea of Cortez south to Loreto. My boat is probably not as comfortable as most small trawlers but great for fishing.
Welcome aboard!
I had a Shamrock 26 before the Lindell I have now. I'm sure you know this but, Bo Palmer who started Defiance also ran Shamrock for a while before they went out of business. Shamrocks are similar to Defiance but inboard vs. outboard. Sadly, inboards small trailer boats were killed when 4-cycle outboards arrived on the scene. My Shamrock was a solid boat and we got quite a few fun years out of it.
I did know that about Bo. My previous boat was an Arima Sea Ranger 21 Hardtop. I had great time with that boat. I also had hauled it around Canada from Nootka Sound and Central Coast BC. I needed more room so that is why I moved up to a San Juan 25. The Lindell boats are a boat that I dream about. They are very nice and look like a fishing machine with all the comforts of home.
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