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      Moersea replied to the thread Stuck windows on GB.
      Yes, it’s likely gunk and eau de crud that’s gumming up the works. Get a large, glass-lifting suction cup (such as...
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      Moersea reacted to ranger58sb's post in the thread 8D starting battery replacement with Like Like.
      I think not exactly. Two G31s will likely fit inside an 8D box with room to spare (and 3 G31s won't fit). Two G31s in parallel will...
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      Moersea reacted to STB's post in the thread replace a gfci outlet with Like Like.
      Backwiring requires solid core wire, which we don't have in boats. Basically, you strip the end of the wire the correct amount and then...
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      Moersea replied to the thread prop nuts.
      Are reverse threads (LH) on prop nuts common? What about the case of counter rotating twins - is one side LH and the other side RH...
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