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Apr 2, 2017
I've been a ski boat owner off and on for 20 years.

Beginning the long process of searching for and buying a trawler as a liveaboard for my wife and I. No rush/no set timeline, but won't rush into anything. Still a LOT to research and learn.

Very happy to find this great resource!

Welcome aboard TF
Mr. NW. "Liveaboard in Phoenix AZ?" Sure! No worries about the right or wrong anchor....
Welcome Aboard!

You'll get a lot of ribbing here! Be not put off. Most contributors are good hearted. Some are damn funny. Others are smart as heck. Still looking for one that contains all three aspects - LOL :lol:

Happy Boat-Choice Daze! - Art :speed boat:
Ha! No, not purchasing and living aboard in Phoenix. We have family in the Fort Myers, FL area and will be migrating there once we find the right one.
Fort Myers is an excellent area, especially for retirees. Also, on the west coast of FL are two long time boat charter companies so you certainly could do some advance practicing and checking our of things.

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