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May 14, 2024
Oxford NC
Hello all, my wife and I are long time sailors and just sold our catalina 380, with the plan to move over to the trawler side of life. We are starting our search and have started a want list and budget. Want list is about a 40' twin cabin single engine 6 to 8 kt boat, budget is about <120k. Concerns are tanks, deck, engine, hull. What we are wanting to do is look at a few boats, we are in central North Carolina and are willing to go most anywhere on the east coast. Any suggestions as to an area and broker where there would be several to look at?
My back ground is general contracting, angus cattle farming, so I am the hands on with diesels and making stuff work, but am not looking for a boat that needs to be rebuilt at least to start with. We have owned 2 Catalina's a 42 and the 380 of which I did all of maitenance and yard work myself. Our past crusing area has been from the Chesapeake to the Bahamas so were not newbys to the hook.
Thanks for any suggesting
Glad to see you here.
Welcome. I prefer twins, as you may need a "get home engine". We have a pair of 120 Lehmans. good old school engines, with great support from American Diesel.
Yes, two would be better, twice the upkeep and twice the difficulty to work on unless they are in 42' or better. My goal is 36 - 40' because I like doing my own bottem job, and engine services.
We looked at 3 boats last week, drove 1900 miles, its hard to find boats in a single area to look at. One hit our button, buy could not get near owners price.
Thanks for the thoughts
Welcome to the forum.
Before taking those trips, had you already walked the docks looking at boats not for sale. Curb appeal. You may see some of interest to narrow down to a targeted search. I do that and also look online for boats available in my price range. For me it has saved time going to see a maybe.

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