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Hello;My name is Mike and I'm new here. I registered in May 11, but just getting around to posting. Some people may remember me from the trawler list. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since those days.
My wife, Colleen,*and I (mostly I, but she is supportive) are interested in getting a transportable trawler type boat, thus the name portager,*that we could use in Southern California most of the year and ship overland to alternate cruising grounds for vacations. Primarily the PNW, possible Mexico (if it is ever safe in my wifes mind) and ultimately maybe to the ICW in Texas or the mid-west for*sections of the Great Loop (in the USA).*My wife*is a school teacher and I get 5 weeks of vacation per year so we'd like to do some 4 to 5 week long cruises each year.
We've looked at a lot of trailearable boats and they all seem a little too cramped for extended cruising. In addition,*I was an avid SCUBA diver before raising a family got in the way, and I'd like to do some more diving once I get a boat. My favorite dive site in SoCal waters is Begg rock which is ~50 nmi off shore. I'd love a boat that could go that far out (on a good day) and has a diver friendly cockpit with transom door if possible. *I'm interested in getting a boat that could be transported with an oversized load permit, but to keep the transit cost down, I'd like to be able to transport without a pilot car. Requiring a pilot car almost doubles the cost per mile. I've thoroughly researched the requirements for oversized transports in each state and for divided multi-lane highways, where the majority of the transit miles would occur, the pilot car threshold is when you exceed 12' beam (except Maine which is 11' 11"),*exceeding the legal height (>=13' 6" of all states, but >14' in most Western states) and exceeding about 65' in length.
In attempting to find used boats that meets these criteria, the beam and height are the most restrictive. To be under 13' 6" on a trailer, pretty much eliminates a flybridge and*a trawler with 12' or less beam is pretty hard to find also. I would be interested in*hearing about any boats that forum members think*might meet these criteria. Here is my current short list:
1.** Halvorsen Gourmet Cruiser 32, 34 and 38 (or reverse the order if I win the lottery) (+beautiful well built boat, +age, -space)
2.** Nordic Tug 34 (+Island Queen berth, -little tall, might have to remove the stack and railings for transit)
3.**Back Cove 34'*(+extra berths, -soft aft enclosure, -small Island berth, -cost (not available used yet))
4.** Ranger Tug 31'*(+designed for trailering, +retractable flybridge, -internal room, -cost)
4.*Sundowner Tug 32' (+transportable, -Vee berth, cockpit size)
5.*Midnight Lace 44 (+beautiful fuel efficient boat, +bright work, -not a diver friendly cockpit,*-bright work, -age)
6.** Roughwater 37 (+price, -V berth,*-age)
So why do I want to transport my boat? I've done some charters out of Anacortes and*my last two week charter cost $7,000 for a 34 foot*trawler. I've priced out shipping a boat from Southern California to Washington at $2,500 each way including insurance, fuel, ...*Even adding*a couple thousand*for*lift-outs and misc,*the cost is less than*a*2 week charter and I'd get to use my own boat.*
I've looked into the benefits of acquiring a*truck and trailer and keeping the boat out of the water and doing the shipping myself.*However, here in So Cal the cost of dry storage near a launch ramp is close to the cost of a slip, so it will take 10 to 15 years to break even. Driving the truck would eat into my limited cruising time and it is more convenient to have the boat in the water so I'll leave the shipping to the professionals.*

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