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Jan 10, 2024
We live close to the Trent canal system in Ontario, Canada. So, fourteen sailboats later (including a 26’ x 20’ catamaran we had built in China and transported back to Canada) and admitting we can’t physically manage sails, lines and winches so easily anymore, we are ready to make the move to a trawler.
We were planning on using our last sailboat - a Saturna 33 pilothouse to travel The Loop but soon realized accomodations were a bit too small for a long trip and we sold it after some refurbishing.
Now what to buy? I’m reluctant to have gas inboards, having experienced these in some sailboats and also reading about crazy high fuel costs, so a single diesel with a bow thruster makes sense to me. There’s just the two of us so 32-36’ seems the right size range. I like the layout of the Marine Trader 34, what other boats should we be looking at? Our budget is not huge - up to $50k.
I'm admittedly biased but the old Mainship 34's are a great value and fit within your budget. Accommodations are pretty limited, but they have a very sensible configuration. All were single diesel, and almost all were Perkins T6.354 or T6.354.4).

Made between 1977 and 1987, they are all long in the tooth so depending how they have been cared for and/or refitted is a major consideration but that is probably going to be the case for any boat in your budget.
Hi Roger. Welcome to the site. We have a trawler we keep at Collins bay. Looking forward to maybe meeting you sometime in the summer of 2024.
Welcome into the into the light!


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We have the 34DC model, if we didn't need two state rooms we would have looked for a sedan or Europa style like Max has.
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