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Mar 18, 2024
Hi Everyone. We're looking for a Down East style cruiser/trawler and have a very specific set of "must haves". This will be our 4th boat so we've pretty much dialled in on our criteria. Boats on our list so far include the Legacy 32, Back Cove 33, Sabre 34 Express and American Tug 34. We're looking for ideas about any other boats we may have missed. Thanks in advance. Here are our criteria:
- it must fit our existing slip, so it must be under 36' LOA (We're not 100% certain the boats listed above meet this criteria when the swim platform and anchor pulpit are including into LOA)
- no canvas (or very, very little)
- little to no isenglass
- a proper navigator seat (this is VERY important to us!)
- easily accessible berth
- separate shower
Welcome aboard, that is going to be a very interesting search, hope you will succeed.
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