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Capt. Dave

Mar 12, 2024
Vessel Name
Christiana II
Vessel Make
‘Bluewater 40 Trawler / Acapulco w fly-bridge
40’ Bluewater Pilot House Trawler w/fly bridge.

Maybe I can help some new Bluewater owners? Maybe not. From my perspective, that refers to Bluewater ownership and use in the 1970s to early 80s.
A quick background: A good friend Norman Milne of Stockton, CA introduced me to the 40’ BW being sold by Bud Lowrie in San Rafael, CA as he was waiting for delivery of his own. I had recently bought a 31’ Concorde in Sausalito and realized I needed more boat for the SF Bay and beyond the Gate. The 40’ Bluewater by McPherson was the choice. So I ordered a modified Acapulco and also ordered the first build with the fly-bridge and waited.
Another owner just ahead of me on the construction schedule was Fred Burger,
and along with Norm Milne, they both offered great suggestions during the months of commissioning. One modification I made was to place a gen.set in line with a large gear secured to the single shaft. Without speed control or reverse, and for emergencies only, the chain-drive setup could at least get me back to a safe anchorage. My only fwd. control was to start and stop the Onan.

The view from the fly-bridge was great when up in the Delta and trying to see over the island levees. It was also great for managing multiple lines when trolling for salmon off the GG Bridge. It was also mighty handy when docking.
The saloon roof was heavily used by family and guests and a dingy was suspended on davits at the stern.

I am a new member and simply want to contribute where I can- and with what I can still remember about the Bluewater and its many years of use in the Sacramento Delta or fishing off the Golden Gate. I have no idea who bought it or where it ended up. I think it was hull #11 and was a balsa-core hull that stayed bone dry. I do know it was transported to SF as deck cargo on a very slow freighter from India. From the date of order to the date of christening was a long 9 months.

Even with the teak decks, she remained in sound condition mostly because of a covered berth in the Delta. I recall that rain water was the enemy to other Bluewater trawlers that remained in and around SF Bay. In the later years of ownership, I docked her at the SFYC in Tiburon, CA. to have better access to open-ocean salmon fishing.

I enjoy the Bluewater Forum and all the many tales of ownership, use and repair. The cost of diesel the last time I filled the 400 gal tank was 46c / gal. Sorry. Capt. Dave
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