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I used both weather and music for a year and then cancelled the weather. Garmin had stopped updating software on my 4212 and the XM module I had was also obsolete even though less than 18 months old. At this point I would not buy in to any XM weather unless I had the opportunity to test it for at least a week and determine if the manufacturer’s implementation presented all the current data in the area where I was cruising. The most important data is the current 12 hour forecast and current observations. I could not reliably get the current forecast and the observations were limited to buoys only, not observations from sites on islands or rocks. After drilling down through bureaucratic layers at Garmin, XM, and WSI, I learned the data was being sent by XM just not being displayed by Garmin.

I learned from a pilot friend of mine that Garmin’s aviation implementation of XM weather worked over a lot of Alaska south of Fairbanks and was very good. As far as marine is concerned someone would have to show me that Raymarine, Garmin, or Lowrance have done a thorough job in displaying all the data being sent and keeping it current.

For now I depend on cellular data and NOAA weather radio, and complain when NOAA doesn’t fix sites that have off the air for extended periods. Canadian VHF weather is pretty good in my travels through Canada 3 times, but didn’t venture off the beaten path.

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