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Originally Posted by Doodie99 View Post
So I am new to TF but not new to boating. I am considering a 79 Mk1 that has been sitting covered in shrink wrap for 10 years. The hull seems solid and I am told the motor was ok when winterized. Interior is in marginal shape. Everything else is unknown. The decks ad bridge floors seem solid but I didn't spend alot of time looking. Thoughts on what its worth? The bridge seats are poor condition.
We owned a 1978 Mk1 years back and it as a good boat... 10 years under cover is quite a long time....
There is no way to guess a value unless/untill a bunch more research is done and then it will still be somewhat unknown.
- decks and bridge floors are known probelms, fairly easy to asses
- value to replace interior to your satisfaction is likely an estimate that you can secure
- costs to repair/update all electronics, cnavas, belts, hoses, cutlass's, running gear, thru hulls, etc are likely also able to be secured.
- genset and main engines need closer exam for at least the basics, are the internals rusted, is the fuel fouled, do they rotate...
- if purchased you will need to add costs to store and insure the boat while it is being made sea worthy (may take a year or more).

In my opinion a boat like this stored for 10 years with no possibility to operater or test any systems has a value between a small positive number and a larger negative number dependent upon which tasks you would need to farm out to a professional.
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