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Bill Ranson

Senior Member
Nov 8, 2013
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Halvorsen GC32
Just to say hello and introduce myself. Recently purchased a 2004 Halvorsen 32 after sailing for many years. I will keep her in the Deltaville, Virginia area and mostly ply the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
If there are any Halvorsen owners out there I would really like to share contact information. I haven't gotten all of my profile work completed but will get it done ASAP.
Glad to be on board,
Welcome Bill, and yes, please complete your profile, boat type and name etc so it shows under your name, & do upload a good pic of the boat when able - we love to see those things. Essentially all reached via the User CP (=control panel) top left of screen.
You will be pleased to know there is an active group of IG 32 & up (Halvorsen) owners on the forum, and there is a site dedicated to them in the bottom section set aside for owner groups. Make yourself known there as well if you have not already.
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