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jay b

Jun 10, 2019
United States
Vessel Name
Far Niente
Vessel Make
Mainship Pilot 30
Hello everyone! My wife and I have enjoyed boating for the last 20 years on the Chesapeake Bay on our Shamrock inboard. We are looking at moving up to a weekender and very much like the Mainship Pilot 30ii. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
Welcome jay b - I'm in Richmond during work and Reedville whenever possible.
Thanks Bkay,
I'm on the Little River and I believe I know your boat, have admired it many times. Did you sell it?
Hey Jay, small world. I have not sold her, but I've got two people interested. I'll make you a good deal if you're interested!

Where are you on the Li'l Riv'r? If you see me on the dock, please stop by and introduce yourself.

BTW - the guy around Peachtree Point from my dock is Rick. He has the black hulled Mainship AVALON. He's a good guy and might be able to give you some info on that boat if you are interested; I think he's a Pilot 30II. He's repairing a fuel tank leak that involves pulling the engine. So he might even make you a deal if you offered cash...jk!
Thanks for the info. Waved at you in the Jettys on Saturday!
Thanks for the info. Waved at you in the Jettys on Saturday!

Was that you with your wife in the white boat as I was coming back in?

It was a little sporty out there Saturday.

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