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Jun 25, 2021
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Let it Go
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Mainship 40 Sedan Bridge
Hello - I'm new to the forum. I have a 1994 40ft Sedan Bridge, which I love. It's in great shape. I have had a few issues with it and having trouble getting any information on wiring diagrams. Has twin 7.1 XL GM TBI - from Marine Power. Does any one know where I could get technical information on this.

Welcome to the forum. There are several Mainship owners on here and maybe one of them could help, otherwise, I suggest internet searches asking various questions. Sometimes what you ask is important to find the correct info.
Good luck and enjoy your boat!
Welcome aboard TF and congrats from another Mainship owner. There are many current & prior MS owners here. Wiring diagrams are an especially difficult proposition. If you are lucky enough to find an owner of a similar year & model that has done a lot of tracing you might get something worthwhile. My experience has been that Mainship did a rather poor job of documenting their wiring in most user manuals. The 34 trawler was a very popular model and I was very disappointed with the electrical section of the manual. There used to be more details available online but after the Marlow buy out / take over they pulled all of the details down. I have resorted to tracing major wiring when doing repairs, upgrades, etc.
If you do not have a manual let me know and I can point you to the ones I am aware of online.
Agree with Don....

As another happy Mainship owner I also find the wiring diagrams inadequate. On my first Mainship, I pretty much figured out the wiring when I replace a bunch of stuff and made my own diagrams, and likely will do that with my second one.

While it's time consuming, not an impossible task.
Welcome aboard. If you are lucky the POs have not butchered the wiring too much. On the other hand, it is likely that POs have made quite a few changes to the wiring so even if you are able to find original wiring diagrams they may not be accurate.
Welcome! Did you spell your handle name correctly? If so, great. If not you can ask a moderator to fix it.
Welcome! Did you spell your handle name correctly? If so, great. If not you can ask a moderator to fix it.

Good pick-up Giggitoni. It appears so obvious I'll take a punt and do so. I can aways reverse it if he wants to remain Teaxsjack67. :D

Well, I tried - there must be a way - or maybe this is one thing he has to do it himself..?
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Hi guys im new to your wonderful site full interesting posts and comments and heaps of useful knowledge and hints so please be patient with me il get the hang of it .
IMO, wiring diagrams are only useful for a new boat, 'out the door'.
The more owners, the more modifications, usually result in less documentation.
I don't like it but that is real life.
Not all POs butcher wiring, some manufactures (pre 90s) did a fine job of sloppy wiring themselves. As boats often wind up with more accessories, often the wiring becomes much more complicated.

Engine wiring harnesses are one thing that often stay the same for longer periods, and are often the same no matter what boat they are on (or very similar).

Try Google Google Marine Power Engine (insert yours) if thats what wiring you are looking for. Other boat wiring diagrams can vary wildly from year to year, model to model. I did that in my last job and the resulting diagrams helped me and my company with engine work quite often.
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