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Jul 4, 2019
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Northern Exposure
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Defever 49 RPH
Hi, my name is Chuck and my wifes name is Joan. We are old sailors who after retirement have bought a 1980 Defever 49 RPH. We purchased the boat in Sitka Alaska 2 years ago. Spent a week getting ready to head south. The trip took a little over 3 weeks. No survey , just me checking things out.

My working life consisted of nearly 25 years working on tugs and small ships as mate and Captain. As a young couple we sold our hose and moved aboard our sailboat with 3 children and sailed from PNW to Mexico out to Hawaii and back to PNW. That trip took just over a year.

So far the Defever 49 has been an excellent boat for us. We now have 7 grandkids and enjoy taking the families out. Figured the boat would be a 5 year project and we are starting year 3.
Welcome aboard. Nice boat.
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Well, I guess we don't have to question your level of experience on the water! Welcome to TF. You should know that we have one main rule--without pics it didn't happen.

We all like to see photos of boats, where you go boating and your family on board.
Welcome aboard.

And I like the 49 DFs. My wife and I have lived aboard 7 days a week for 4 years.
Thanks for the kind replies. Unfortunately I am of the age ware typing dose not come easily. How things have changed. I will figure out how to post pictures. Out cruising now. Met up with our 2 daughters and 5 grandkids, 6 and under.

Thanks Chuck

I had to learn how to type at 50 years old. To post pictures just right click on the picture and "copy" , the go to the page you want and right click where you want it and "paste" . After a time or two it will be easy.

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