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Nov 25, 2023
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Nordic Tug 37
Hello All,

I have tuned into this site many times over the years for lots of useful information but never actually joined. Finally jumping on board.

My name is Lee and my latest boat is a 2000 Nordic Tug 37 that I have been running for the last 3 years with my wife Jana, son Wil (age 12), and daughter Esta (age 11), out of eastern Long Island.

We are seasonal weekend warriors, as far as boating goes in the Northeast, with some extended week to two week journeys every summer mixed in around the work schedule.

Dreaming of having the time for more extended cruising. Boat is ready as am I!

Looking forward to getting more valuable information out of this site now that I signed up.

Regards and Happy Cruising!!
Welcone aboard TF.
You are not far from some wonderful cruising. If interested the Hudson, Erie, Oswego & Champlain canals open up many opportunities such as Rideau Canal, Lk Champlain, Trent Severn Waterway, NY Finger Lakes,netc, etc.
I have some cruising notes on my linked Bacchus website and happy to answer questions.
You have a perfect vessel for any/all of these cruises.

Thanks for the reply and sending your site link. Great information! the Marine How To website is a great handy link as well. Too bad the person behind that had to back off due to health issues.

I definitely have intentions of hitting the Hudson and heading up your way at some point. Most of our cruising has been Eastern Long Island and New England so it would be a good change it up. I will dive into your site a little further to get some ideas.


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