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May 21, 2010
Another newbie intro!

My name is Vic Owen, and we've gotten the bug to move into a trawler, probably in the CHB class. We'll be looking for something in the 36-40 range. We recently visited a friend's 36' CHB sedan in Quartermaster Harbor, on Vashon Island.

We've had a 1962 35' Chris Cavalier Tri-cabin sine the 80s that is presently moored in Yarrow Bay, Kirkland, WA. As we get closer to retirement, the cost of cruising with the twin gas engines (12 gph) has become a big factor, and I like the idea of a more stable displacement hull; speed becomes much less important. The main salon on the Cavalier is very roomy, and we're hoping to emulate that with a newer boat. I'm also beyond ready to move out of a wooden hull.

We spent many summers cruising with the kids up in Canadian waters, and intend to make longer trips once we have the time. I believe that a trawer would be more comfortable in all weather conditions that one can encounter up there.

So, I've joined a couple of trawler forums to gather as much knowledge as I can before we make the leap. I'll pouring over these forums, absorbing the dos & don'ts!

Cheers, Vic

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Welcome aboard Vic....My daughter and her family live in Kirkland and I'll be visiting them on 6/4-6/11.

You mentioned that you are moored in Yarrow Bay and I was wondering what the slip fees are there.



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Hi Walt --

Covered moorage in Yarrow Bay is pricey, as is most of Lake Washington. I'm paying $551 for a slip that's good for up to a 38' or so. Uncovered moorage at Yarrow Bay, and at Carlillon Pt., just to the north, is a little less, but not by much.

Hope you have a nice visit!


That sounds good to me! Here in San Diego slips go for a lot more that that and they are not covered.
You just missed Trawler Fest in Anacortes as it ends today, Sunday.* Would have been a great place to go on and compare and talk trawlers.* We been going for the*last 10+ years to*get ideas.* We are presently looking at adding Fish Stablilizer poles and rigging.*What year and models are you looking at?**Have you looked at or been on many trawlers.

We are presently moored in Everett, WA and a full time live a board.**Walt when in Kirkland send me an email*and Vic the same goes for you.* Maybe the three of us and others if theyn wnat to join.**

I'll sure try but my daughter has a full schedule for me. Little League ball games, a trip to the east side of the Cascades, touring a new Grand Banks 41 Zeus, looking at a company to possibly purchase and review the plans for a new home on the banks of Lake Washington. Other than that....not much going on.
Welcome aboard, Vic!!!!!
SeaHorse II wrote:


That sounds good to me! Here in San Diego slips go for a lot more that that and they are not covered.
The farther north one gets from the Seattle area (and perhaps south, too) the less moorage costs.* The reasons we decided to keep our boat in Bellingham is that moorage is less than half of the cost of a slip in the Seattle area (just over $200 a month for a 40-foot slip), there are excellent marine services (diesel, electronics, electric, etc.) and we now have a great boatyard with 35 and 150 ton Travelifts that is about 200 yards from our slip.*

But the main reason is that with a slow boat like ours, were we to keep it in the Seattle area a cruise to the San Juan or Gulf Islands would be a once or twice a year sort of thing given that I am still working.* But in Bellingham, we are only 2-1/2 to 3 hours from the three US destinations we visit the most--- Sucia, West Sound, and our property on a small private island--- so the San Juans are someplace we can go virtually every weekend, work and winds permitting.*

While we live just east of Seattle, we can drive to Bellingham in an hour and a half.* Where in a boat the speed of ours, it's pretty much a full day's cruise from Seattle just to get to the southern end of the islands, at which point on a weekend you have to turn around and start home.* So whether we take the boat out or not, we use it like a getaway cabin and have been going up to it almost every weekend year round for the last twelve years.

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