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La Belle Vie

Mar 8, 2024

I am new to this community and am eager to learn from others experiences.

La Belle Vie is newly acquired. We are based in Mid-Coast Maine and will be spending the next few months getting ready for the season.

Thanks in advance for letting me be a member and for your help.

I'm sure that I will have many questions as this is our first Trawler....
Welcome aboard. We had a 1979 CL 46' LRC for 18 years. GREAT boats. Pleased to offer any advice if needed. Problem is we need PICTURES!!!!!
Welcome! I've always liked those boats - look forward to pics!
Welcome aboard! LOVE your Cheoy Lee... :)

We've owned our CL 46 LRC for 12 years now. Awesome cruising and liveaboard vessel. Like Mr. RT, I'd be happy to answer any questions. Mark with Island Sunset is also on this forum, and has owned their 46 longer than we have.
Looking forward to hearing of your adventures both in maintenance and operation. welcome aboard.
‘79 CL 46 was my first trawler. Cruised her over several years and several thousand miles from New England through FL waters and to/from Nashville a few times. Terrific vessel. Loved the engine room (man cave). I will say she’d “roll the shortening out of biscuits” in a seaway! We learned to deploy the staysail often! Had my budget supported it then, I’d have added stabilizers, lost the teak decks and would still have her today! Enjoy!
Welcome aboard and see that there are a lot of CL owners out here.
Thank you so very much! looking forward to getting her back in the water after 2 years on shore...
Thank you so very much! We need to get the stabilizers operational this season and repair a soft spot on the bow. Looking forward to getting her out to explore the Maine coast this season.
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