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Nancy n Larry

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Jul 26, 2021
Vessel Name
M/V Waterhorse
Vessel Make
Helmsman 38E, Hull#52
We ordered a new Helsman 38 in June and expect delivery next June 2022! It’s going to be a long boatless winter as we just sold our Ranger Tug 29. We plan to use this time to learn about our new boat, move into our new home in Sequim Washington and prepare as best we can for the exciting arrival of the Waterhorse II. We look forward to getting to know you all better! Thank you for letting us join your group! :)
Our Helmsman 38 might be close to yours on the assembly line. We ordered ours on June 11. We just sold our Bayliner 3288 and are also without a boat. After an auto accident took most of my wife's right hand, she wasn't safe out on the weather decks or climbing the ladder to the fly bridge. The Helmsman 38 was the perfect solution. We're spending our summer planning and trying to come up with a name. We're anxious to get the new boat but happy to have some time to get ready.
Hi Doug! I believe we have hull number 52! We should be close together! How exciting it indeed!
I think we’re Hull No. 50, if I’m reading the contract correctly. Scott says they will start laying up the hull in September. It’s going to be an exciting process. We can’t wait to start seeing photos.
Congrats fellow Helmsman owners. My wife and I are on our fourth season with a H43. Look forward to seeing more photos and updates of your builds.
Yes you are two boats ahead of us! Are you getting a color? We are doing ice blue.
Welcome aboard and congrats on your new boat.
Larry and Nancy,

We too went with a blue hull. I photoshopped the color we selected onto a photo of another Helmsman 38 pE in our marina.
Oh my gosh, we did the same thing! So funny.
Welcome aboard the Forum Larry and Nancy, and Doug. Helmsman are great boats. When we were boat shopping to move from sail, our first offer was on a used Helmsman in Seattle. We ended up not completing and eventually bought our Nordic Tug. The only issue with that (particular) boat was that the original owner had ordered it with a badly undersized engine. It had a 69 HP Lugger (nice engine, just too small). It moved the boat fine during sea trial on Lake Washington in calm weather (hull speed), but had nothing left. I worried it was not enough if facing wind and current on the bow?
Not an issue for most (all) other Helmsman.

I am confident that you will really enjoy your new boats!!
Oh man that’s pretty! We were looking at that color but went with Awkgrip Ice Blue. I’d post a pic if I could figure out how! Lol!!
Ice blue hull

Ice blue I figured it out! Yay!


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Nice color. We look forward to seeing it out on the water.

Our other choices were radar arch, standard engine, generator, solar panels, full battery bank, side cockpit doors, starboard pilot house bulwark door, Bimini, pipe hoist and all electrical appliances. We plan to carry the dinghy on swim step davits and stow our Hobie kayaks up on the boat deck.

It’s amazing how many decisions that have to be made when having a boat built.
At this point we have mid ship doors, solar, dinghy hoist, full battery bank, Cummins 380, upgraded heating, and a few more things I can’t remember. It will be fun to see our boats on the water! Great chatting with you! Keep in touch as your build goes along.
I’m feeling like a genius now.

We ordered our yet to be named 38E in June and expect a May 2022 delivery. Buyers who signed contracts just a few weeks after we did are looking at June 2023 deliveries. The base price on the Helmsman website has gone from $485,000 to $534,000. Buying a brand new boat is not considered a good investment but it seems like the boat is appreciating in value before the keel is even laid.
I believe our boats will be coming in at about the same time! Ours is slated for end of May 2020 delivery. Hull #52. We had heard the prices were going up. Woohoo! Will be here before we know it! Let’s stay in touch. PM me and let’s exchange email addresses!!!!!
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