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Virginias Run

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Sep 9, 2013
Hello North Westers,

I am looking to purchase a boat in BC but living back east. We have 18 months between now and when we will move aboard in BC.

I am looking for a safe and inexpensive place to store a loa 43.

Any ideas would be greatly welcome!!

Kind regards

So many choices both on the mainland and Islands. Best you hop on a plane and spend some time. Buy the Waggoners cruising guide before hand which describes the marinas. Your desired on shore requirements play a big role. The hunting grounds are Prince Rupert to Victoria.
Good Suggestion.
There are a tremendous number of beautiful places there..some very easily accessible and some not so much.
Thanks for you input

I totally agree that there are many places, most of which I visited while stationed on Vancouver Island during my Air Force days. Nonetheless, I am looking for input from boaters who have recent experience at particular marinas that could support my needs economically.

Greatly appreciate your input here folks.


If you truly mean “store” then yes there are many options, but if you intend to visit, particularly if you intend to do any work on the boat in those 18 months, then the cheaper - more remote - locations will be a huge PITA. Getting marine parts in remote locations is much more work than in a major port. A non-CA example, the Whisperjet I just purchased from North Carolina has Hamilton water jets. The yard bill for overhauling 1 jet there was an eye-popping $26k and took 3 months because they had to ship the jet to Hamilton (near Seattle). And I had Hamilton do essentially the same with the other jet last week after transporting the boat to Seattle and it took 2 days and cost $5k.

Every little screw, part, goo, whatever is going to take much more planning and coordination when you are in a remote (cheaper) location. Add in YOUR distance to the boat and you’re going to be frustrated very quickly.
I am looking to purchase a boat in BC but living back east. We have 18 months between now and when we will move aboard in BC.
Now that I'm awake and have had some coffee, I'll have to say this - do not buy that boat. It's hard for me to imagine a 43 LOA boat so compelling that it would make sense to buy it now and let it sit for 18 months. Just sitting there everything is going to age a bit. Moorage, insurance, electricity...that boat is going to cost you $1K a month and that's not including any significant depreciation. Nordhavn 43? or OA? If it's a production boat, buying that same boat in 18 months is going to cost you less.

And what if it's 24 months? Or <gasp> your "plans change"? You could end up with a major problem.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I do suggest you think critically about this plan.
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Thank you kindly for your opinion on my boat purchase and cost of remote area shipping.
All truly great information, but I wonder if you might know if a place where I could economically store my boat for about 18 months?
If you need easy travel access to your boat with all marine services available close by, I'd stay in one of the marinas around Sidney. E.g. Van Isle charges $15/foot (40-44feet) when you pay for a year in advance. Cowichan bay marina is likely cheaper but they don't post rates on Internet. I'm sure there are cheaper one's further up the island but access and services will be an issue.
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18 months I would take it to Port Hardy they will put it on the hard
reasonable rates and good support-they take care of the northern fish boats
I have a buddy that takes his 65 footer up there every winter and gets anything needed fixed done over the winter
This also gives him a good start point on the northern cruising grounds for the Summer. Campbell river is also a great place easy to get to and always warmer than Port Hardy But you will pay more
If you are just storing it there are many options. I've kept my boat in Sidney over the winter for the last 3 years. There are a few dry storage yards, Van Isle Marina is the one I picked. It is clean, fenced, and secure. With your yearly contract they will launch and retrieve the boat 12 times (once per month of contract), that gives you the opportunity to come out and enjoy it a week or two at a time before your permanent move. All other dry storage yards that I know of use a travel lift rather than a hydraulic trailer, and charge substantially to launch and retrieve.

Port Hardy or even Campbell River are more remote, less access to services (or anything else), and harder to get to. I was told the Port Hardy travel lift is no more, but that could be bad info. Sidney is 3 miles from the Victoria airport, plenty of maintenance infrastructure close at hand.

There may be similar yards in the Vancouver area, I'm not as familiar with that side.
In Vancouver it costs more

6911 Graybar Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1H3
(604) 270-6272

Shelter island marina Has a good reputation

We use Arrow Marine because of our size

11660 Mitchell Rd, Richmond, BC V6V 1T5
(604) 323-7430
We have no clue where the OP’s planned boat is located and Vancouver Island is not small. Guessing it’s near Sydney, which would be over 200nm to Port Hardy. And the return journey in...February 2020...that’s not gonna be much fun. But, hey, if it saves a few dollars a month.
In the water or on the hard? Maybe define your budget a bit more. Inexpensive is not very descriptive.

As an example, to lift a 43' boat and store on the hard will be $4,000 +/- 200 annually in the two boatyards near Powell River (Lund and Texada). To keep it in the South Harbour in Powell River would be $2,700 annually plus electric, if desired. All paid in advance.

These would probably be comparable and reasonable rates to Vancouver Island.
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