Trawler Fest - Stuart, FL

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Oct 10, 2007
Is this particular TF worth visiting?* What's the best airport to fly into from out of state?

Any information is appreciated.
I am NOT a FL resident but from a google map search it looks like West Palm Beach is fairly close maybe about 40 miles and I have flown out of there. I have onluy attended ONE Trawler fest and it was great but I dont know about Stuart.
Bob Smith of American Diesel, the designer of the Lehman diesel so many trawlers have, is giving a class there.* I signed up for it and it was about $450 for the two day class.* I don't know if it is full yet, but when I talked with him several months ago he said his wife wants him to give it up (he's about 80 now) but he is going to do this one last class.* This class is two days prior to the opening of the Trawler Fest.

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Ft. Myers Yacht Basin
I did Bobs class in Stuart before the last fest in Stuart this past February. Good luck getting in. Edi and I spent our honeymoon at the 2003 Trawlerfest in Stuart. (Great botewoman hey?) It was very good and we both had a blast. This was when West Marine was the sponsor and Skipper Bob was still alive. Look at the seminars and see whats up. I got some feedback about the recent Fest in Solomons and heard there was too much of commercial type vendors giving the seminars. More like a sales push for products. I dont knowI wasnt there! At the very least you will meet other folks like all of us that love trawlers. Great time rubbing elbows sharing and learning from our friends! I think we flew into Orlando and rented a car to drive to Stuart. Have fun!

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I have registered and will be attending the regular morning seminars, there is a selection of 3 or 4 topics per day. It will be my first Trawlerfest I figure it will be worth the trip (I can drive there in a long day) just to meet other trawler owners and see a bunch of trawlers, many owners allow tours of their boats.

"Is this particular TF worth visiting?"

IS ANY? , what do you expect to gain from this boat show?

I dunno... have never been to a TF.* I asked, as Stuart appears to be a bit off the beaten track for out-of-staters flying into FL.* The very brief list of seminars ("Yoga for Boaters"?) shown on the email I received made me wonder.

However, review of the TF web site indicates it might be worth the trip from SoCal.* Better FL in winter than the PNW or Solomons.* I've a sense of junket.* Now I just need to convince the Admiral.

What do I expect to gain?* Who knows... a winter tan, perhaps?* Owning a rather large boat today (64'), maybe I can get da Boss aboard a few smaller trawlers and get her OK to scale back a bit.

FF wrote:

"Is this particular TF worth visiting?"

IS ANY? , what do you expect to gain from this boat show?


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