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Aug 10, 2014
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Have had fishing boats for the last 12 years in Islamorada and have fished and cruised throughout the Bahamas to San Salvador and Rum Cay. Thinking of switching to a trawler and run deeper into the Bahamas to at least the Turks & Caicos, maybe even Trinidad. I want a trawler for more comfortable living but it must be something I can fish from as well. Plan on going to the next trawler boat show in this area to get ideas but will be looking for a used boat. Any ideas?
Just the generic term trawler doen't make them any more seaworthy or comfortable for those runs down island beyond the Bahamas....some are much better at it than others.

Sure it can be done...just don't expect cruise ship comforts.

For just the Bahamas and Cuba if/when it opens up more freely...then I think almost any will do that meets your list of wants/desires.

I actually think more motoryacht may meet your needs...some even are call yachtfishers...the main downside to them is fuel burn...but even that can be modified to be within reason if fishing is still a major demand.

There's also buy a slow, very affordable to cruise trawler and tow a large enough "dingy" that can be used for your fishing desires...that concept has a lot going for it too.
I have been on both the Hatteras and the viking Yacht fisher the Hatteras has a one with a smaller cockpit also

The viking has the galley up the Hatteras galley down
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