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Scraping Paint
Oct 23, 2007
After seeing the well-done treatment of the GB32 by the online Classic Yacht magazine I suggested to the editor that he might be interested in doing a feature on "Spray," the prototype for the entire Grand Banks line.

I recall seeing a recent writeup on "Spray" complete with a color photo, and I believe the current owners have the boat in Michigan.* Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw the writeup.

If anyone on this forum knows who the current owners are and has a suggestion as to how to reach them I will pass this information on to the magazine editor.* If he decides to pursue this and do an article on "Spray," I for one, would be very interested in learning the history of this boat.

Thanks much,
I thought SPRAY was the first sailboat single handed round the world .

Marin -

I know that I saw that article, too - so it had to be in PM or Northwest Yachting.

I believe the article was about a GB float-in that just happened upon her at the marina where they met.
FF--- There are lot of boats named "Spray." You are correct about Joshua Slocum's "Spray" and his around-the-world voyage.*However the prototype for the Grand Banks line was also named "Spray." I have since learned she is in Michigan, owned by a member of the Great Lakes Grand Banks Owners Group. Here is a tiny b&w picture of American Marine's "Spray when she was new in 1963.* The color picture is how "Spray" looks today.*American Marine's first Grand Banks model, the GB36, was more or less identical to this boat except for the changes to the cabin configuration.

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