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Jan 4, 2016
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Mainship 34 MK1
Hello forum folks, I have been lurking for a while and figured I should introduce myself. I'm in the midst of some repairs and upgrades to an older Mainship 34 mark 3 my father bought back in September and I found this site to be a great source of valuable information. The boat was well cared for and surveyed well for its age but it will be used a bit differently than the prior owner's use so we are installing a generator and adding some electronics in addition to some typical repairs. My entire family has a fair amount of time on the water but this style of boating is new to us and fun to experience. I find the experiences and preferences shared on this site regarding various ships systems to be very useful and I want to incorporate the various lessons learned into any change we make to this old boat. Now that I’ve introduced myself I’ll have a few specific questions to post in the other sections of the forum. Thanks for access to this excellent site and the knowledge everyone has contributed.
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Welcome and congrats on the new boat. I had a '79 34 Mainship for years and she served my family very well.
Welcome aboard! Now the anchor.......
Welcome. Your Mainship looks like she's in great shape. We had a 1981 and if we down size, we'd consider another one.
Welcome aboard. Great looking boat!
Reviving an old thread. Bear with me.

I am closing on my own mainship tomorrow morning, a 1980 34' Mark 1 The survey went well last week and I am looking forward this new adventure. My family has thoroughly enjoyed the use of my parents boats including the past 1985 34' Mark 3 and current 2002 390. We are looking forward to buddy boating with them on the chesapeake or just hanging out around the dock. We will be mooring her at Herrington Harbor South, current name is "Graceland".


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Sounds like great fun being had by all. Thanks for the update. :thumb:
Congrats on the new boat. Looks like a nice one. Buddy boating with family will be awesome.
She is officially ours and in her new slip.


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Thank you. The whole family just checked it over.
Congratulations. I'm sure it'll be fun buddy boating with your parents. Boat looks nice!
Finally got the two family boats together.


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Looking good! Too cool that both of y'all are out there running together. I hope you're taking each other's underway pictures too. They're always fun to look at.
I'm glad you're using your boat. We'll be out there before too much longer!
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