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YOUR boat is my favorite !!

I love tugs. My family used to have a tugboat business when I was a kid.

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You guys are killing me.* You're not getting any pics of my scow.*
Hey Darrell, I'll show you mine if you show me yours..... boat pics I meant you evil-minded people. Our boats are sort of like...well... brothers or sisters...and both quite ancient. But seriously, since I have her hull 2-pack re-sprayed and I did all the rest, the favourable comments from others on the dock is quite encouraging, and but for the fact a recent storm shredded my bimini, which is now still waiting for replacement, and delayed my getting her names all back on, I'd have some new pics and avatar to post - and I will, when I can.
M/V "Polly P."
Monk 36 Hull #48


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OK, here we go!


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The parade of lights setups are great. How do you power all of that?
I only use the tiny bulbs, so it really isn't that much power. It's an 8kw Westerbeke, but I can still run the heaters and refrigerator as well. If I could find my Kill-A-Watt, I'd take some measurements. I think it's buried in storage.

From past experience, using the C-5's and C-7's are a whole different story.
That is impressive, I am moved!!!
LURKER:* Come on Darrell! I Posted pics of mine and it's older than yours.

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That was from a little surfing expedition we did this week....
These are all photos from the yacht world listing.*


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The KenJW was a small Army tug. It was purchased in savannah GA. and was our smallest boat.
The other boat was originally a fireboat.....I dont recall but might also have come from the Army. My dad pulled the engine out and replaced it with a twin engine single screw set from GM that was on a frame. The engines were facing each other with a gear box in between.* You could run the boat with either one or both engines running.* Then after he installed the engines* and weleded the deck house back on, he installed and set the tow bits.
The PUSHER was a twin engine boat and was flat bottom and shallow draft. It was also government surplus but it was used as some kind of research boat. This was the first boat we got. My dad worked on it for almost a year....different engine, added tow bits, etc. Some of the pics in my web album show the year of work. This boat had hatches in the deck that allowed you to look down at the props and clear out any debris. THis feature was handy when the aftermath of the famous '62 storm in NJ, this boat was used to move dredges on Long Beach Island. THere was so much debris in the water things like mattresses were getting snagged in the props.
Prop inspection ports are common on New England lobster boats today. They have screw on tops with a d shaped handle to lock in position. A fishing knife attached to a short stick is used to clear line. Pretty cool set up. Your father must have been a multi tasker extrodinaire!
Sailor of Fortune wrote:

Prop inspection ports are common on New England lobster boats today.
They are on every British narrowboat (canalboat) too and have been since the introduction of motorized boats in early 1900s.* The likelihood of picking up a piece of debris in a canal-- rope, old tarps, we once got a nice leather jacket around a prop--- is very high.

We're drifting off topic again I see. Well here is Lotus in her new paint. I had to go down to photograph the shredded bimini for the ins co, as it was shredded in recent 50 kn winds, so I took the opportunity to get the rest of her at least, tho one from the water will follow when able. Hey I just found when you change your avatar, it is automatically changed on all previous post as well.....interesting...
Looks great, Peter! There's nothing like a new paint job to spruce the old girl up.
Here are some pics of Willy just before and after we bought her.
1. * * This is probably how we first saw her.
2. * * Here she is on the hard w a fresh bottom.
3. * * This is a good view of her on launch day.
4. * * This is our first outing near Edmonds. The PO was nearby on his new boat and came over to us and took this picture. I'm quite sure this was at full speed (7 knots) and it can clearly be seen that the following wake peaks just aft of the stern.
5.**** Willy just one week ago without the yellow dink on top.

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Eric, Willy sure is a head turning cutie!
Here are a few of ours:

1. Our first cruiser, a C-Dory 22
2. New Moon on the road leaving the factory
3. On one of her first cruises in the San Juans
4. Tied up at Prince Rupert
5. With Scrappy at Meyer's Chuck
6. At Anchor in Hoonah Sound, off Peril Strait
7. At the Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay


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I used "it" instead of "her" on my last post and no one yelled at me for my improper "english". Just made corrections.Richard,
Got to admit those Sea Dories are really good look'in boats.
I recognize the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club floats. We love to go there and then to the "Cowpuccino". * * * * And then across the street to the fish & chips place that's been there since 1938. What kind of winch is that?
Thank you Moonstruck and Sailor of Fortune.
Hi Eric,

The windlass is a Simpson Lawrence (Lewmar) Horizon 600 GD (I think GD is the right model designation).* Unlike the standard Horizon 600, this one has a warping drum on the side opposite the gypsy.* I use it for hauling shrimp pots, loosening the gypsy clutch nut, so that the drum can turn without turning the gypsy.* It has worked well for 12 summers so far.

Cowpuccino - Yeah!
1)* At anchor, Sucia Island
2)* Haulout.* The boat yard is a good quarter mile from the water, and here they're slowly rolling down public streets.
3)* Old hairless man standing next to his boat.
4)* Summer 2008:* pulled into the marina parking lot, which is next door to Core Builders where the BMW-Oracle boat was built.* They were just stepping the mast for the very first time.* (OK, I know, it's not my boat).


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1) Beaufort Town Docks
2) On the lift at Sailcraft for a bottom painting
3) Salon with Bess' new curtains she made
4) Desirable galley down configuration
5) V-Berth that nobody over 4.5' tall can sleep in
6) Where the magic naps
7) The little-used lower helm... I think it still works
8) Dr. Perky!
9) Where the magic drinks
10) Home base of operations
11) No explination needed
12) New Bern Grand Marina

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1. Ready to splash with new paint, zincs and cutlas bearings
2. Admiral at the wheel (yes, rudder indicator not working!)
3. Sucia.* Who in the NW doesn't have a great pic from here?
4. Everybody pitches in
5. Real quiet day at Roche Harbor
6. Favorite kid pic, of course at Sucia

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1. The former, "Zhu Bau, of Tyee Marina, Tacoma, Washington during the initial haul-out prior to survey in 2007
2. Zhu Bau being delivered to Brookings Harbor in 2007

3. New home in Brookings, Oregon as well as new name "ChristyLee" added.

4. Remodeled galley to include granite counter tops, new sink (from a 36' Grand Banks, no less) and faucet.

5. Love the wood carvings on these*Taiwanese*boats!

6. Cruising out to Point St. George Lighthouse, off Crescent City, CA.

7. Good look at the lighthouse, located about 6 miles off California and about 13 miles from Brookings, Oregon. Really an interesting history how it came to be.

8. While living on the boat last year, saw this nine year old with his catch and called the local paper. *Very impressive twenty-five pound Ling. He fought it for over an hour!

9. Very happy young lady after landing a 13# Ling off ChristyLee in May 2010.

10. On the hard in August 2010 for cleanup and paint.

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