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Jul 15, 2017
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Old Spice
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1982 Monk

I've been a member for a little while now and have enjoyed using the forum and getting to know you fine folks.

On Tuesday my wife and I just closed on our first trawler! We are so excited!

Our plans are to cruise during the summer months while we have time off from work.

We have 4 kids and a dog.

Our new boat is a 1982 Monk 40' located in Jacksonville FL.

Let the adventures begin! More pics to come!



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Congrats!!!! more pics please and location of your new home port
Congratulations nice boat .
more pics

Also I want to attest to what a fine guy Bill Gladding is. But you folks already knew that. He was awesome to work with in the process of surveying.


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wow that's nice I think I have 2' fever . is that a king ?
OUTSTANDING! Love the carpet in the salon. That galley... WOW! :thumb:


Congratulations! Looks like a fine ride. Looking forward to the photos of your adventures.
Congrats on your new boat. It looks like it is in very nice condition.
Wow! Nice first trawler. Congratulations!
Love the Monks. Well done on your purchase.
Nice clean boat! Well done!

Thanks for all the love everybody! We're pretty thrilled!

Timb that pic of the aft cabin must be a weird angle. That bed is definitely a double.

We'll for sure post up pics of our adventures. We're even thinking of trying our hand at a youtube channel. Yikes!

I took quite a few videos of the experience of taking my bride and kiddos down to see the boat for the first time, the sea trial and haul out. I'm working on editing them and will soon learn how to post to you tube.

It was a great few days. The owners even let us stay on the boat while we were there. WOW! It's been great to get to know them through the process of the sale.

Thanks again for all the compliments. Oh and I almost forgot... siestakey we'll probably land in Little River, SC. Not for sure though. My in-laws have a place there so it would be fun to be nearby. I also know those waters a little bit from spending time fishing there for the last few years.

Monk 40

Beautiful boat. Love the bright interior and the good use of space. Hope you have much joy and many pleasant voyages in her.
JohnS, Cheoy Lee 40 LRC, Stuart, FL
So bright & clean! Sincere congrats.
great looking gal she is
Perry - Real nice Monk design! What's your beam and draft?

Your "New" boat design from Monk Sr., or Monk Jr., or both working together?? Sr. was designer of most Tollycraft. Both Sr. and Jr. worked great as a team as well as with with "Mr. Tolly".

Yours looks super well laid out. Our 34" Tolly is the most roomy 34' I've ever experienced.

Monk gets a :thumb:
Beam is 13’4”
Draft is 4’10”

Sorry for the delay!

I’m posting on instagram almost daily if anybody is interested in following along our adventures more closely this summer.

I think you will have many years of fun with that great looking boat, P O obviously kept her well, congratulations.
Have just bought my first trawler too

For several reasons I had to abandon the plan to buy a Trawler in the US to complete the Great Loop. Amongst others one reason was, that I would have faced enormous problems bringing and registering her to Europe, but now I am as excited as one can be. Just completed purchase of a 48 Cheoy Lee 1979 with a four ! Cabin Layout. Sleeps eleven! MC aft with Queen and ensuite shower and Toilet 1 x 4 bunks 2 x 2 one toilet and showe and one crew with own wc. 2xDaewoo 250 HP of 2010 with less than 600 hrs. All new wiring in 2010, 16 kW Generator Enormous Flybridge, Etc etc. she's been on the dry for 3 years and will get a refit over the next six months. Homeport Portirosa / Sicily.
The superstructure will repainted, woodwork and teak sandblasted, Underwater stipped down to gelcoat and AF applied. New canvas etc.
will use her as live a board, cruising the Med and later to Great Britain and the Nordics from there back via Rhine/Danube/Black Sea to Sicily.

I am terribly sorry but I cannot upload pics (upload failure)
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Brilliant boat, PerryH!

And congrats for utilizing Bill Gladding for your survey. A very knowledgeable gentleman, and always has great suggestions when he does find issues.

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