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Scraping Paint
Oct 23, 2007
Saw this Buick Eight at Genoa Bay marina on Vancouver Island the other week.* Nice looking car, must be fun to drive although I don't know what one would do for parts.

The marina's restaurant is a favorite destination for car clubs, apparently.* The last time we were there there was a gathering of an Austin Healey 3000 club, which reminded me what a dumba*s I'd been in college for selling my AH3000 MkII.* Back then it was just an old sports car.* Today it'd be worth more than our boat.


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In 1960 I had a AH3000 while going to school in the Navy. It was great being a sailor in Memphis in those days, especially if you had a little sports car to tool around in.
I just noticed in the rear view photo that the Buick has a trailer hitch on it. I wonder what he pulls with it? Be neat if it was a restored mahogany Chris Craft runabout, wouldn't it?
Thanks Marin,I had a coupe like this one * * blue. I also had a Jaguar XK140 roadster.
Takes me back. Thanks again.
Eric, and what would be the most suitable motor vehicle for traveling on Prince Edward Island with its "some good and some bad roads"?* (I've got a 4-wheel-drive Ford Explorer.)
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