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Apr 13, 2014
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Grandbanks 46 europa
Hello out there. My wife and I looking to purchase a trawler. We are in s calif now but are planning on long distance cruising to Mexico, Central America, ?. We are trying to figure out size. We are looking at 42 or a 46 .you thoughts please
Welcome aboard! :thumb: Size really depends on what you're personal needs are. What make were you looking at?

We have looked at Selene,nordhaven,ocean alexander. We think we have settled on Gb. We know a couple of people who have them. They have a good rep for quality of construction and we like the layouts and re sale whenever we get out.
After having a 31' sailboat for 9 years, we wanted something bigger with more creature comfort. We have had Slow Flight (45 CHB) for 6 years and plan to keep it for many more as it is a good fit, (for us). But consider this. If you plan to have company on most cruises, you will want a comfortable guest room with separate head. I don't like the idea of an aft or Tri-cabin as you give to much space away for that. I like a single engine with a Bow thruster combination for economical cruising. I can cruise at 8.0 using 2.5 gals.per hour. Our Swim Step/hull extension has two compartments that can be filled with sea water or used to seal off garbage on long range cruising. Well that's enough for now, so have fun looking.

Thanks for the info. I take it you are happy with your 45. We have eliminated the aft cabin because of wanting the large aft door and cockpit for lounging. Are you doing any longer cruising?
Yes, Alaska is on the bucket list for 2 years from now but in the mean time, we cruise the San Juan Islands and up into Canada. Our home is 2 hours from Deception Pass and from there, it's a mater of how much time we have.

I know you can get a good CHB and a not so good CHB but isn't that true with GB as well? Slow Flight is pretty nice boat. But what's really important is my wife loves it. I think I'll keep her. My wife too.

You are most fortunate to be so close to great cruising areas. In so cal we are pretty limited to Catalina, which does have some nice locations but that's about it. How long ago did you get your boat? Do you prefer the aft cabin layout? Having your partner fully on board is awesome. We just recently just go married and she has been really pushing us to get the boat.
Well,we did it. Just signed docs on a gb 46 europa. It is currently in Bellingham. It is going to need some tlc. We will be commuting from SoCal this season and figure out what's next after that. Unfortunatley I'm still working. We are looking forward to cruising san Juan's while we clean her up. We hope to meet fellow cruisers who can show us the ropes. Stormy is her name (after the admiral).
OK well done.
Now show us some pics, give us your work list and we will cheer you on as you progress.
But yes, get in some boat time while you are doing it up.
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