Brand Newbee with big plans - looking for a ton of advice from the experienced

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Apr 15, 2024
British Columbia
Howdy folks!!

here is the plan...My wife and I are going to be purchasing shortly, we have a couple trawlers we are looking at most likely a 41-42', there has been a couple in the 36" tri cabin range that looked nice, however the plan will be to either find one in Mexico, or cruise one from Vancouver island down the coast to Mexico and have it there for a live aboard for half the year or more. Ambitious and motivated. I am not sure of what to be asking at this exact moment, I think I really just wanted to get into a group to start reading and sharing a bit. Listen to the experiences etc., and see what I truly need to be thinking and learning about in this venture. Hopefully, in the next little bit of time, we will find the right boat and get further into the planning etc., of this experience and lifestyle. Thank you all in advance for any and all advice.
A synopsis of your boating experience would be helpful to see where you fit into trawlering/cruising.
Experience and boating knowledge,

I grew up on Vancouver island, have been on the water most of my early life. Worked on some fishing vessels and spent a number of years working for a boat sales company. I didn’t spend anytime sailing, as I have always preferred cruising. Mechanically inclined with most marine systems, so I don’t have much concern on maintenance etc. there is always the need to know your own boats systems but that will come when the boat is found.
Welcome - you've come to the right place. Here are a couple threads you might enjoy.

Main marina in La Paz is full - there are other 'resort-style' marinas that may have room. Expect SoCal rates. Cabo is higher than SoCal - and was just taken over by the Mexican Navy so some uncertainty there.

Personally, we enjoyed Mazatlan Marina a lot - decent airport connections and there is a very strong cruiser community, many of whom spend Nov-Apr cruising to Banderas Bay/Zihuatanejo. There is a lot to see and do. Cruising out of La Paz is more remote anchorages if that's your thing. Marina de La Paz had a very strong reputation for cruiser-friendly. In my opinion, that reputation is a bit faded as full-time liveaboard boats now occupy the marina so transients are now relegated to either the anchorage or one of the other marinas that are not as convenient to downtown.

Finally, here's a Cheoy Lee Seamaster trawler in either La Paz or Mazatlan. I like these boats - fiberglass tanks are a strong plus in my book. This one looks a bit tired and so I'm not sure the $120k price is the right number - it's been for sale for quite a while.


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