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AT34 Nekas

Jan 4, 2014
Vessel Name
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American Tug 34
Hi Folks,

We are new to the cruising life, having just acquired our 2007 American Tug 34 in August. Found her in Port Ludlow and brought her to Portland in September. We plan to spend a year or two exploring the Columbia River and getting real comfortable with Nekas before going back up to Puget Sound for some extended cruising.

I've spent a lot of time reading some great posts here; it's a great source of info and I learn something every time I log in.

Rob and Julie
M/V Nekas
Portland, OR
Welcome aboard Nekas. You'll find this forum can be extremely helpful in a technical sense, (you need to be a wee bit discriminating re some advice of course), and also very supportive and interesting from an enthusiasts point of view.
Welcome. Nice boat too :)
Welcome aboard! :thumb:
Thanks guys. Jukesy: our AT34 looks just like yours sans the flybridge; same color. Very nice! Where is your home port?
We are in Victoria BC and thanks. The Cabernet colour is nice isn't it! But it's a bugger to keep advice, stay on top of it and don't neglect to keep her waxed.

Welcome aboard again Rob! It's great to have another American Tugger here!
Hi Rob, Been lurking here for a while soaking up some knowledge on trawlers. I saw your post on the AT34 and wanted to contact you.

My wife & I have just started looking at tugs. I was up at the American Tug & Nordic factories this week. I toured a new NT32, a 2003 NT32 and a 2003 AT34.

I would like to chat with you about your boat when you have time.

Regards, Kevin
Hi Rob - and welcome to TF! We met briefly while in Mystery Bay last fall. Walked by Nekas many times the past two years here in Port Ludlow. She sure looks good. Enjoy cruising the Columbia. That's where I learned how to sail and lived aboard for a few years. Highly underrated! While there's a lot to explore between Portland and Astoria/Illwaco, do you have plans to go "upriver"? You can go all the way to Idaho if you want...
Hi Kevin,

Sounds like you are starting the fun part and getting serious. Would be happy to visit with you and compare notes. We never went to the Nordic factory but did tour the AT shop in LaConner. I'll send you a note.

Hi Darren,

I remember you from Mystery Bay; as I recall the outboard was giving you fits on the dink that evening. We love that area and look forward to running Nekas back there in a couple of years. Only spent a few weekends up there before running the boat to Tacoma at the end of September for the road trip to Portland. We will likely spend most of our time over the next couple of years between Portland and Astoria, but I just went to the boat show this evening and picked up information on transiting the locks at Bonneville Dam. No telling how far upriver we might go. Can't wait to go exploring.

Rob, thanks for the reply. The forum will not let me reply via the PM.

My contact info: Cell 503.781.2355

Regards, Kevin
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