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Mar 11, 2014
Hi All
I just got a 40ft. trawler with twin ford lehman 120 and diesel genset. The boat was supposed to be a marine trader but I am not sure since the hull number starts with PAS40. I live on my sailboat in Maryland and I for one am ready for this winter to be over.
The trawler has been sitting about 4yrs so I have some work ahead of me. I did find that the fuel tanks are full and have started the diesels which came to life almost instantly with 40psi oil pressure so I am a happy camper. The genset is another story. It does run and has good oil pressure but will not stay running the start reset button pops out. It may be a bad oil sender switch but will check it out farther another day.
Welcome to the Forum. Lots of old sailors on here, so you should be right at home. There will undoubtedly be lots of advice to you on what to do with regard to a trawler which has been sitting for about 4 years, and most (perhaps all) of them have a lot more expertise than I do. So I will just say welcome aboard and leave it at that.
Chris, Would the genset be an onan? If so I would check the heat exchanger. If it's running and getting hot it will trip the button and kill it. Good luck and welcome to tf.
Also - my welcome aboard.. wow.. 4 years of sitting... hope you don't have any surprises - lots of things can deteriorate in that amount of time... you're not new to boating, so your learning curve won't be 180 degrees.. Welcome and please post photos as you peel back this gem..
Welcome from another sailor, don't want to commit to being an ex-sailor yet.
Welcome from another sailor, don't want to commit to being an ex-sailor yet.

Oh once you come to the dark side, you'll never go'll be forever corrupted beyond redemption....
Welcome Aboard! We bought a "idled" boat and spent 2 years getting her ready to cruise. That first splash is worth all the work. Still things to do, but that's true of any boat. We'll fix the minor things of the fly.
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