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Joseph helms

May 30, 2019
I'm happy to be a part of this group. I just bought an '81 marine trader pilot house 34'. Seems to have been fairly well mechanically maintained, but the years have taken a toll on her cosmetically. Looking forward to bringing her beauty back out, warts and all.
Need photos man, photos!
Welcome to the forum, enjoy:D
As requested

My diamond in the rough


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Neat boat I did not marine trader made a model like that:thumb:
She doesn't look too bad - looks like some wood maintenance is required - from this distance anyway.
When I did some research before I bought her, I only found 1 other and she was in Australia
She's spent some time being neglected. Her previous owner had been sick awhile before passing away. A little wood work from that and some interior water damage is about it.
Make her pretty again and then use her for what she was built for. Oh, welcome aboard and show us the progress in pic’s.
Welcome aboard TF.
Nice looking boat

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