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Jun 15, 2020
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Helmsman PH38
Just wanted to say Hi to all trawler-lovers who take the time and energy to post to this forum.

We recently bought a 2012 Helmsman 38 and are excited to connect with others.

As soon as I figure out how to manage my profile and post a picture, I will!

Happy and Healthy Boating to you all!!
Ohhhh, you're from one of my favourite places in Washington, both by land and sea. May you remember all the joy that cruising in your trawler brings when you are shelling out for repairs.
Welcome and might I say a very fine choice of vessel.
Welcome to the Forum!
Congrats on the new boat. Helmsman are great boats. I almost bought one, but decided against because the original owner had ordered a very small engine that I worried would not have enough power in certain situations.
Maybe we will see you out on the water next year.
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