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Jan 11, 2014
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Hershine 37 (Lycrest 37)
Hi All
My wife heather and I have just come across to the "dark side" and bought "Shadie" a Lycrest 37 displacement cruiser, which in the US was apparently marketed as a Hershine 37.
We still have our Cabo Rico 38 sailboat, which we bought in the US almost 10 years ago, but she is on the market.
I am a semi retired professional marine surveyor (mainly oil and gas but also some small vessel survey) with a business in Western Australia, and after the Cabo Rico I wanted a vessel with a bit of character. Shadie is in very good order for her 30 years and we are looking forward to cruising southern Tasmania in her. Southern Tasmania is a magic cruising area with miles of wilderness, seclude bays and lots of fish.
"Shadie" Kettering Tasmania


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Hi Alan, very beautiful boat. We too, recently crossed over to the dark side. Still waiting for someone to show us the secret handshake. Good luck with her.

Welcome to the trawler forum. Sadie is a beauty. Can't wait to hear about your Tasmanian travels
Welcome aboard, nice ride! :thumb:
Al: Good choice! We're looking forward to hearing and seeing more about the cruising in Tasmania. Welcome aboard.
Welcome Mate and sound like someone in the same profession.
One of my to dos is cruise down to Tassie and hope to in the next couple of years .

Alan, Welcome aboard. Beautiful boat.
RTF, are you feeling ok? No vid?
Mr. H. Thank you for your concern. In case you haven't noticed, I generally welcome new members and leave it at that. Lulls the newbies into a false sense of security no?
Welcome, nice boat.

Hi Alan, very beautiful boat. We too, recently crossed over to the dark side. Still waiting for someone to show us the secret handshake. Good luck with her.

Alan - Nice craft! Welcome!!

Bob - Secret Hand Shake: Cupped palm with four fingers on bottom and thumb resting over top. Trawler owners know it well and practice it when holding nozzle at each fueing!

Happy Power Boating Daze! Art :popcorn: :speed boat:
Welcome aboard. Nice boat.

Be kind to us in North America and tell us more about Tassie (just learned the nickname) as it sounds fascinating. General knowledge here is of the Sidney Hobart race.

Welcome aboard, you'll find a lot of friends here
You've come to the right spot, welcome. It's good to see another Hershine 37. I have never seen a Europa model.
Yes, welcome indeed, I look forward to some Photo's of that part of Tassie, it can be a bit wild and wooly down there at times.

Nice looking boat by the way.
Hi Alan, Welcome aboard.I think I saw your boat advertised when I was viewing boat porn a while back. They are generously proportioned boats. I usually see one at The Basin in Pittwater NSW on my annual visits. Happy Cruising.
Yes, welcome aboard. Good to have some more Aussies on. I'm sure people will love seeing more pics. When I visited Tassie some years ago I thought it one of the most beautiful places I'd seen, and coming originally from NZ, that's saying something...
Hi All and thanks for welcome.
Heather and are also NZers originally, having spent 25 years in Perth, Western Australia.
Southern Tasmania is very like home (NZ). We have a small (3.5) acre block on the water just south of Hobart, on "The Channel".
Shadie lives on a marina berth less than 100 mtrs from the end of our driveway, so pottering on the boat in the evenings is very easy.
One of my "semi retirement" presents to myself was a new workshop/shed with a full set of woodwork, welding and machine tools, so there is not much I can't fabricate or fix. I just need to find the time!
I have got a list of "things to do", which include new instrument panel, a battery relocation, new bowsprit/anchor windlass re-alignment, bow thruster and removal of the radar arch and replacement with a mast/dinghy boom.
Should keep me busy for a while.
I am in NZ for a couple of weeks working on my iPad, so I will leave posting any pics until I am home.
Welcome on board mate.
I hope to be down your way some time in the not to distant future.

Hi,I'm also in southern Tassie,just left Oyster Cove marina,currently moored in my front yard on the Huon River.
Channel area has to be one of the world's great treasures,and you don't have to line up for fantastic anchorages.
See you out there.
Craig and Tracey
Cheoy Lee 66
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