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Sep 7, 2014
Vessel Name
To Be Changed
Vessel Make
Custom Steel 40'
Hi everyone, new to the board....

New to trawlers, just bought a custom built 1987 40' steel vessel, single screw Detroit 8v71 monster under the boards, bow and stern Vetus thrusters. Well built by a welding shop owner, hideously finished, and an electrical nightmare, but as a telecom/power contractor, not too worried about that.... Going to be keeping it around Montreal for a bit, and doing an overhaul.

Looking forward to picking all your brains, and contributing whenever possible!

Welcome, there are Canadians not packing for Fort Pierce? I am looking forward to my buddies returning.. Welcome to the site, one phone man to another.
Welcome aboard. Sounds like a fun project, but luckily you have the skills to cope with it. Not all of us are so fortunate. :)
How aboot that!? You guys know to speak canada!

Mule, what do you do in telecom?

Jwnall, I am also here to share what I know, and I am also a generator mechanic, and know j1939 (land nmea2000) very well.... So ask me anything too!
From 73 till 13 I filled many roles. 2 years repair 10 years field Forman 16years cable repair, cable splicing then for last two off to the elephant burial ground, tester, inside technical guy. Where all lucky field techs go to die.
Worked out OK.
You do new const splicing? Placing?
Well, I started off in IT crap, my own company, moved to telephony, and branched out to OSP, wireless, fiber, underground work, splicing, and tower construction. So we take Lot of projects, and hand them to the client, turn key, like a new wireless network for muni safety, we build the tower, place the poles, install the fiber, terminate, test, install the routing and switching gear, power and electrical, add the voice to the mix, tie into the PBX's, legacy gear, monitor it all remotely....

Tons of aerial and underground splicing on copper myself, fiber is a must, building entrances, data centre construction, structured cabling, tons of SCADA for public and private companies, long and short haul wireless too.... Jack of all trades, hopefully I have mastered some! Generators a plenty, RF and plain old copper...

Keeps me out of trouble....
Wow...I am speechless.... That is a lot..

U stick with ATT splicing system for copper or did you use the evil 3m?
Welcome aboard. Please be sure to post pics of your craft as you go through the remodel and rewiring.
We have to do 3M MS2 system, and some of the 710 stuff, lots pf UR2, uy2 and ug2, picabonds of course, and foremost, CTUB.... canadian techs use BIX.... I have done 66 blocks, 110, wire wrap, Krone and CCS, but BIX is truely a gift to telecom..... Love it....
BIX, I gotta look that up, I usta do about 450-500 an hour with 710 and compared to some I was a real slow poke. Bout average. I been out since 03.
Oh, BIX is kindda like an offshoot of the old 88 block. When I went back to the trade from management divesture was over and where I was we walked after proven to the interface or minimum point of penetration.

I worked from the house out. I enjoyed production cable splicing, throws, activation of cross boxes. Loved preformed splice cases, beating down lead sleeves. Pretty much hated working in houses, under houses and attics. Mass fusion was just coming along when I left the field. One of our first fiber rings was at NASA, no more welding man hole lids down during Space Shots.

Lotta changes, now I am kindda like a retired buggy whip tech.

BTW, I have 2 fresh 710 25 pair splicing machines. Enough assorted stuff u may be able to use from the old days. Really kind of forgot all I have. Next time in Fort Worth I can check.
Without pics it doesn't exist, eh?
am 1200 miles from em..not going back till the holidays. when i get back i will pm you with info..this is in a trunk half forgotten for years. just thought you might put em to work. shame to see good old men and good tools go to seed.

This was my ins policy if I had to go back to splicing independent. No need now...BTW... In Bell System you can do many sins, even go 25 years w/o an on job injury, 25 years w/o any motor vehicle incident, ticket or accident. But roll just one worn out, old, telsta top heavy badly purchased bucket truck...there ya go. Then went inside. Better job, I guess I should have rolled it years before. I had collected off inventory tools for 25 years. Over the truck incident I really thought I was fired, hence the collection. You get a picture in a few months, I will send em to ya, you evaluate and then we make a deal. If you need buggy whip tools.....
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Welcome Tdot, quite a few Canadians on the forum. Enjoy and I am looking forward to pics of your boat.
Mssrs. td & M. Holy cow are you guys from Mars? When I was with the Bell system (installation & repair) for a very short period of time, we were still dealing with screw terminals. I've never even heard of "710, Ur2. 3M Scotch locks were brand new and extremely "high tech". Wow, am I ever old....

710 replaced B connectors, scotch locks 1 conductor at a time. 710, 400 pairs an hour our ya was not in the ball game.....I knew there was supin I liked about u.

Goes to look for communications decription key.
I forgot about "B" connectors and JKT. I was in inst/repair, not cable. Closest I ever got to cable was JWI boxes. My claim to fame was shutting down a whole neighborhood doing an LT. I haven't thought about "B" connectors for 40 years.
Just a neighborhood?? Not being in cable though, that is pretty good.
Welcome aboard, from north coast BC :)
Cool! More Telecom and Canadians , and tons of nice people here!!!! Yeaaaa!

I sadly was thinking of ways to try and make my engine room look just like my data centers, server rooms, and CO's....

I think Unistrut and flex conduit will be predominate in my engine room, unless someone warns me away from it.....
How bout some pix of ur boat, a wise man once said to me if there are no photos..........well you know....:lol:
Big engine room, uni strut, flex, tons of Ty wraps. Yep, kindda like a man hole. You will be right at home.:rofl:
OK! as requested, pics of my boat.... the electrical nightmare, and the dated interior that I'm going to rip up....

Love to hear your feedback.... especially on the helm.... Its BAAAAD...
Looks like a fun project. Except for the "magic box" of lights and switches at the helm.
Looks pretty nice to me, me thinks Ye cautionary comments were greatly over played....beautiful exterior finish and wood work..How about a full frontal nude and side boob??
The big problem, is the prev owner tried doing everything with compressed air, wipers, engine stop, horns, hatch assist.... so I have a tiny electric compressor, a full truck air brake compressor, and a big ass air tank..... I would switch to air start, but the tank you need is ludicrously huuuge....

So back to fixing the electrical....

Here is an out of water and in water pics:

The awesome part, is that there is a 50lb liquid draw brand new forklift propane tank hidden on the flybridge.... thats a big tank!
Very, very nice....nice big rudder too, and located all the way
OK! as requested, pics of my boat.... the electrical nightmare, and the dated interior that I'm going to rip up....

Love to hear your feedback.... especially on the helm.... Its BAAAAD...

Wheeee doggies! You got some work ahead.Better hop to it.I see a couple ladies in those pics that are ready to goooo.
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