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Jun 25, 2018
Weatherford Tx
Hello everybody.
My name is Tony. My wife and I just purchased our 1977 44' Thompson Trawler and look forward to many fun filled excursions. We have some fixing up to do on her but she has twin screws pushed by the perkins motors.
I will have alot of questions and look forward to any help i can get. First thing is where will i be able to find parts lile canopies. Owners manuals and such ?
Welcome aboard. Canopies?

Call a local marine canvas shop. They'll be able to make a new canvas top. Oddly, they are no longer made of 'canvas' but the name stuck. Some commonly refer to it as the Bimini as well.
Welcome to the forum. We looked at the Thompson 44 before buying our Cheoy Lee, and thought it was a very nice boat. The example we looked at needed a little too much work for its price, though.
I found little in the way of factory info on that boat, as some were made hull, deck, and power at the maker, and finished by the owner or another yard. You should be able to get manuals for the engines, trans, and other major systems.
Books like Calder's Boatowners Mechanical And Electrical Manual will be a great help as you figure out what previous owners have done, and try to figure out why ;-)
Where are you based, and what are your cruising plans?
Any pictures of the boat yet?
Thanks. John
I will post pics when i figure out how. Lol
Welcome aboard TF and congrats on the "new" boat.
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Enjoy the new adventures.
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Congrats. Is this the Thompson that was at Pickwick? I did a walk through of it back in May.
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