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May 7, 2021
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Bayliner 4588
I closed on a 1990 Bayliner 4588 in February. I am in the process of getting her to my liking as to electronics, stereo, flooring, etc. She is a great boat, in exellent condition. Not a fixer upper! :D
She came with a new refridgerator, icemaker, and the big one - a new Onan-Cummins 11.5 Kv generator.
Survey found some deck delamination on both the port and starboard above the hull vents, and some minor rot on the port stringer under the cockpit deck. Both items were repaired, and paid for by the prior owner.

I am very happy with this boat!
Welcome to TF. You will find this forum a valuable resource. :flowers:

PS. Where is Oakley..? A few more details in your profile would be great. :confused: :D
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Welcome aboard and congrats on your new boat. How about some photos?
Welcome aboard from another Bayliner Owner :)
Same here. Welcome!
Bitstream, welcome to TF and congrats on your new boat. I chartered a 4588 many years ago and cruised the PNW waters and up into Canada for a few days. I absolutely loved the boat. Everything about it was perfect. Lots of room, handled well even in some 6'-7'ers.

Nice choice of boats to buy.

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