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Jan 28, 2017
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Fool Moon
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36 Mainship Nantucket
I've been lurking for a few years, thought I'd come out from the cold and join the fun. Own a 36 Mainship Nantucket for 4 years now, on a large land-locked lake in Tennessee. Plan to continue enjoying the forum, and now will chime in from time to time....
I'm on Old Hickory and drive a MT34DC, even though I'm not land locked I love this part of the river and curious what lake you're on.
I'm on Center Hill Lake. Mostly houseboats, but it is a big lake with plenty of room to roam.
Beautiful lake and big, great location or your boat. Enjoy!
Welcome aboard TF
Welcome from another Tennessee boater!I'm located on the Little TN river south of Knoxville so I can go anywhere from here. Love this inland water! Ben
And still another Tennessee boater. We've boated for years on Watts Bar Lake, between Knoxville and Chattanooga, and lived in Crossville.
Now we're in Marathon and boat around Florida.
Planning on returning to Tennessee for the Summer.

Wm Mayberry
Mariner 40
Wifey B: I love love love love love the TN River. :D It was our dream retirement when we lived in NC as we never imagined the ocean. All we knew was lake boating and to be able to go for hundreds of miles instead of 30 or so sounded wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, bewitching, bewildering. :)

The Cumberland looks beautiful too but I sure would want to be jumping that dam. They need to build railways or something to go around. Still, for most boating great and then one day you can move on to more.

We went on a 9 day cruise with an acquaintance from Chattanooga to Columbus, MS on a Sea Ray Sundancer years ago. Then this fall we just had a couple of days down Kentucky Lake then a six day run from Pickwick to Chattanooga and back. Just a quick overview of what's ahead for this summer. It's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. :dance: I'm sure the Cumberland and Center Hill are the same. Winding rivers among the mountains. Oh, I'm salivating now. So much water and so little time to see it all. If we were ever going to get a vacation home or anything I think it would be somewhere in the Chattanooga area. Such beautiful boating. Where we are today is beautiful but a huge contrast between the TN River and the Eastern Caribbean. :)
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