Seeking crew San Diego to San Francisco

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Jan 20, 2019
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Hatteras 48 LRC
I am seeking 2-4 compatible trawler forum members to share watches for this trip. Schedule subject to change for weather as I am not planning to leave port in other than fair conditions.

Depart San Diego around June 15. Stopping most nights in coastal ports but could be 1 or two overnight passages (example Pt. Conception). Planning 10 +/- days total transit.

Well equipped and proven 1976 Hatteras 48LRC, 3 starerooms. 6-7 kts. Not stabilized but heavy full displacement hull. Boat is well equipped for safety and comfort. Raised pilothouse.

Me: 66 year old active boater. Former CG 100 ton masters. 35+ years boating experience including multiple Socal/NorCal trips. Easy going but focused on preparation and safety.

I hope to find a few experienced cruisers who might want to join in. I cover boat expenses (fuel, moorage...). Food and travel is up to you (will provision so most meals will be onboard). You will be expected to take the helm for 3-4 hour watches. Have an advanced auto pilot and doppler radar so mostly keeping a visual/instrument watch as well as monitoring engine conditions. Owner me) will sleep in a watchberth in the pilot house so never far from the helm.

This is not a joyride but I don't plan to go out in 6-8 foot seas either. That is not a challenge for the boat but I am not in a rush. If you are interested it is critical you have flexibility with your schedule. I have made this trip in 72 hours but I prefer to make this one more fun, thus the expectation of 10 days to cover the 450 NM. You don't need to have extensive cruising experience but it shouldn't be your first time on passage. Would be a great opportunity for an East Coast boater to gain some experience with CA coastal cruising. If you are prone to seasickness this would be a bad choice. No heavy physical effort required but you should be moderately fit. No drinking on passage.Non-smoking.Husband wife teams welcome. If you are a sailor and want to check out cruising under power would love to show you how much nicer it is to work inside a dry and comfortable pilot house!

If you are interested drop me a PM with your contact details and a short intro and I will get back with you to discuss further. Planning to leave the boat in the Delta for awhile and continue to PNW in 2025.

Alternatively if you have a boat and want to buddy up that would be great (assuming compatible speed).

I did something similar North Carolina to the Bahamas years ago with 2 other forum members on my former 58 Hatt. It was a great experience for all so I hope to have the same outcome. I could do this single handed but that is not my first choice.
Sounds like a great opportunity, having a job really interferes with my ability to take advantage of these offerings when they come up.
Thanks for the response. Yes I recently retired and am enjoying the lack of a rigid schedule. Also easier to fully complete boat projects in a shorter total time without the normal starts and stops.
If you belong to a yacht club, there are numerous YCs in the Delta, including mine, that you can visit for a few days for free. But there are many good marinas that have covered berths even for the 48. Tower Park comes to mind with numerous vacancies. There is fantastic cruising in the Delta during the summer. We like to take the 26fter Offshore to lunch or dinner on the water all over the Delta. I will be coming back from Hawaii on the 21st to start our summer delta cruising season at our Club's Island for Memorial Day weekend. Maybe we will see ya on the water. Think Hilton's Fireworks at Manderville Island for July 4th! Like to make the trip again up the coast but have a Fly-in to Durango scheduled mid June. If you are not familiar with the Delta, give me a msg and I can help you. Been in the Delta since '58 as a kid, been just about everywhere you can take a boat.
Thanks Cold Duck. Wife and I spent a lot of time in the Delta for the first 15 years of our marriage (now in year 41!). We are excited about returning. In fact just back from a 6 day trip to the area in our Airstream. Nice to see it still retains the laid back feel. We plan to be based in a 50' covered slip at Tiki Lagoon. Cost is exactly 1/3 of what we pay in San Diego! Maybe we can connect if we are both in the area.
I almost mentioned Tiki as another good marina. Since the tornado 20 yrs ago took out the old docks they have installed some nice big covered berths. We are in Discovery Bay and go past Tiki all the time for lunch at Bob's Burgers at Village West. Haven't gone to Tiki for lunch since they change their hours, not open for early lunch anymore but that cud change this season. Our club has an Island with docks down the San Joaquin from you across from Tinsely Island. We be "Da po' folks" across the river from Tinsley LOL! We love to boat. Maybe we can stop by and boat to lunch or dinner. We have lost Gusti's and the River Boat but there are still some good lunch spots on the water. My YC is the old River Boat (now at Bethel Island) after it caught fire and they moved in the "Catfish Cafe" to replace it, then the new RB caught fire and burned to the water. Look fwd to seeing you on the Delta. The Lost Isle picture someone took while we jumped a cruiser wake and they used on their website without our knowledge. Lost Isle I don't think will ever reopen in our lifetime.


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Our recent Airstream camping excursion included 2 nights at Village West. Nice area to watch boats pass in/out of the marina but also a bit noisey during the day.

Somewhere I may still have a Lost Isle T-shirt dating from about 1985.
I take it you will have a car. Are you going to stay on the boat or bring the airstream?
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