Hello from a longtime lurker who now has a new trawler project

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Dec 14, 2023
Hi I'm Charlie. Currently residing in Jersey City NY but originally from down south (Florida and Georgia). :wave:

I've found this forum very useful over the years when considering a trawler project or just dreaming, and this year I finally, almost accidentally (long story, boat was derelict and owned by the marina and I tried to help and well now own it), wound up with what I think is a great project boat.

1979 Outer Reef Trawler Tug 26 - Holly Lynn

I've read the other posts here and other places about the Outer Reefs, of course, and I've found the info here and other OR owners to be super helpful (amazing that there are a few threads here about the builder of these boats back in the day).

I am more often a sailor than a power boater (also rebuilt an old Bayfield sailboat the last 4-5 years) but have knowledge of engines and electrical and so on so I spent this past summer rebuilding the diesel engine on the trawler (pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/91SMumGBKBWGeDUj9). It runs great now but has some transmission slop that I still need to sort. Did a bunch of other work so far too, all new electrical everything (I swear it was over 100lbs of wire I ripped out), cabin sole redone, new gauges, and other random projects). I have it out of the water now and plan to keep going and get it back in shape, tons more to do obviously, but really enjoying it.

I look forward to the sage advice and help I'm sure I'll need that I hope to find here too.

Cheers and fair winds and following seas fellow trawler fans.
Welcome aboard. How about some photos of your new boat?
Welcome aboard. How about some photos of your new boat?

Here's a few (attached), and there are a bunch in the google photos link I shared in the original post too!


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Thanks for the welcome all. Also just realized I typed Jersey City NY but of course meant NJ. Had been living in Manhattan and Brooklyn for the last 5 years and new to New Jersey specifically for the marina proximity and quick shot to the city.
Welcome. I've admire those boats in passing. Looks like a keeper to me.
Welcome aboard Charlie. We have a "79" Outer Reef 26 as well. Yep, ripped out all of the wiring, rebuilt the galley, installed new water tanks, reworked the cap rails, and so on:). It's a great little boat. Enjoy!
Cool boat, and great work so far. Keep posting your progress, and projects.
What's next on your list?
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