Learning Mainship 34 2006 Electrics

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Gary Hall

Oct 6, 2017
Wellington New Zealand
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Mainship 34
First time writer but we have brought a Mainship 34 2006 year and have nothing but trouble with the electrics :facepalm:

Most of this is my fault as we didn't get enough information from the seller.

We took her out on a run in Dec 2017 after purchase all went well but on the next trip in Dec 17 things fell apart, the Raymarine suddenly decided that we were in Florida instead of in New Zealand, Raymarine in NZ told us that it had water intrusion to the indoor unit and the whole system had to be replaced but since found a good boat mechanic to find out it was just the Ariel.

Then there there was a message below the main panel flashing turn off turn off which we did and then the Whisper Gen faulted out and would not restart the house batteries died or were cooked but they had to be replaced and we still cannot get the gen to start it appears that there is nobody in NZ to service them and we have been told that as it is over ten years old it is not supported anymore and it should be replaced we have a mechanic working on it but to date is still not working.

I get the feeling that i did something wrong when the boat was taken off shore power, we were told that the gen would take over automatically but that didn't happen.
Welcome aboard. Well, about the only thing you can do is what you're doing. Work through each individual problem. BUT, it may not all be bad. You will be taking a crash course (NO pun intended) in getting to know your boat. I think there is enough expertise on TF to be able to potentially direct you in the right directions. Hopefully you will eventually establish a cadre of local technicians to address any future problems.
Most boat generators dont automatically start. But the Whisper Gen was a wierd, one off system based on the Stirling thermodynamic cycle and I agree, should be junked.

Maybe has something to do with USA 60 HZ and NZ 220v 50 HZ? Does NZ have European electric? Just asking.
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