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Bill The kid

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Aug 22, 2018
United States
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1978 Mainship Trawler
I just bought my first trawler 78 Mainship 34' and i am starting a total make over and refit i might need your help.
Or maybe, you will become a wealth of knowledge! Welcome and dont forget pics of the project!
Welcome. That's my boat too. Lots of helpful folks here, and lots of existing threads you might want to explore.
Thanks guys I got a big project ahead of me lots to do. I'll try and figure out this photo uploading
Welcome! Are you able to use your new boat while refitting?
No I'm up here by the Great Lake Erie it's on the hard right now, winter is coming
Welcome Bill the Kid!

Lake Erie was fun! I used to run my 16' Donzi from LaSalle to S. Bass Island.

Hope you have some late summer weather to get ahead for next season...
Where on Erie are you?
Not sure what winter is typically like where you're on the hard, but best of luck getting it ready for the spring to realize the dreams that brought you together.
Yes thank you this isn't my first boat refit rebuild. I did a 1969 River Queen about 13 years ago and I still owe on that boat today. The river Queen is a steel hull boat when I got it it would not float I put a whole new hole in it reconstructed the whole interior it was gutted when I got it and added on many exterior parts now it's one of the neatest boat on Chautauqua Lake. We've had up to 30 people on the boat for 4th of July. If I could figure out a way to upload photos I would show you
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