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Apr 29, 2021
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Vie du Soleil
New here...We are thinking about piloting our new boat from Sarasota over to Texas shipping seems impossible, yall have any tips? Probably getting a captain we are thinking too...
Other than Florida's Big Bend, most of the trip can be made in protected waters. Depends on your boat, of course, but for the Big Bend portion, just choose your weather and you should have little trouble.
Welcome aboard. What boat? My brother is on his way through your area from up here on the Alabama coast on his annual run south. Heck, if he can do it, why not you? I have been up and down and all around the Gulf Coast from Key West to Galveston on the ICW (there's just that little bit of 160 miles of open water from Tarpon Springs area to Carrabelle area), and enjoy it all.
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it's a 46 beneteau gran turismo

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