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Aug 24, 2014
United States
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Mystic Dream
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Bestway 44 CC
I have stumbled on your site looking for fellow slow boaters. I am currently in Stock Island, Fl getting ready to move back to St Petersburg, Fl.
Hi. Welcome to TF!
Hello Kulas44 and Bligh, I was a blow boater but bought a fixer upper trawler last Nov! I am looking to move her to St Petersburg, Fl ASAP as the wife changed jobs. Been to Santa Cruz a while ago with my old job, never been to Venice, La. But have been to NOLA...
Carl at Elite Marine is someone that treated me fairly and his work is above reproach. Over by the Coast Guard Station.
Down home bar Casey's. Very organized streets. Avenues east and west, numbered, streets north and south, numbered. Street lights timed on 1'st Av North and 1'st Av South so you drive at speed limit as little as one stop across the Island. Watch yourself, pretty high crime.
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Never been to Venice La.! It's just like the one in Fl. but the fishing is better.

Malls, beaches, shopping, sight seeing, things for the wife and kids to do....we aint gottem. But the fishing is awsome. Welcome aboard.
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