Californian 34 1981

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Aug 23, 2023
Vessel Name
Blue Olive
Vessel Make
Marshall Californian 34LRC
Good Day Y'all,
Just acquired a 1981 34lrc Californian. 20 years ago we purchased a 1984 34 Lrc in Mississippi and ran her back to St Petersburg. We painted the hull '84 dark green, sold her after about 5 years. Loved the boat.
Now retired we were looking for a 'cocktail boat' for cruising the west Coast of FL. I spent 4 days in Oriental NC surveying a 1977 GB 32, came within $2500 of reaching an agreement, but since the boat was 500 miles away I was not comfortable going forward.
Came back to St Pete and 2 weeks later googled 'trawlers for sale Florida'. Up popped an '81 34Lrc PAINTED DARK GREEN, sent link to wife and she said 'Buy It! We did. She was and is in Gulfport FL which borders St Pete.

I have spent the last 3 months doing upgrades to the salon. Overall she is in good condition and I am getting intimate with her 'innards'.
Today I am so excited. She only had one AP controller, a Simrad AP 11 upper helm. Wanted a remote for lower. After researching the forums it became clear that the best solution would be a wired Simrad R3000X. It is what I had on my '84. Looked for days on line, none to be found. :banghead: Until today! From England I found a seller with two BRAND NEW R3000X controllers. Already ordered. :dance:
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