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Oct 15, 2009
I am told by a Raymarine dealer that the installation cost of a full suite (Radar and Chartplotter and associated devices) is about 150% of the cost of the devices themselves. This seems very high. I priced a package at $7k and was told that the installation would run about $10k The boat is an American Tug 34.

Comments appreciated.
Just bought new Garmin electronics (radar and two chartplotters with peripherals) for about $6.5k from a marine nav systems company. Could have gotten them cheaper on internet. Was quoted $1,700 for install plus travel time. Company said if I wanted to install myself they would offer email and telephone support at any time. So far, best deal I have done and well worth the difference in price over the internet vs the approx 10% higher price from the company. They have been fantastic with the support at all hours and no matter how many and how detailed the questions. Worst part of the install has been removing the old stuff and snaking new cables. But I now know the innards of the boat more intimately, which is good. Will have to see if it all goes up in smoke when I fire it up but its been fun so far and hopefully I've saved money in the end.

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As an electronics service tech, I can tell you a dealer can not really quote you a price that is realistic. Every boat we do is different and the only way we can estimate an installation is to go on the boat and do a visual inspection. Even then the estimate is based on all thing being equal. Lots of issues can slow things down and increase the time. Labor rates are also all over the board, from $65.00 per hour to $150.00 per hour and all prices in between. Chuck
Not to mention the type of electronics we are talking about.....namely, the radar transmitter. I know some big open arrays can cost every bit of that before all the other stuff. If you still have not committed, FURUNO ALL THE WAY!!!!
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