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May 2, 2014
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Mitchell 28
Hi, I am looking for a boat to crew on for free!

I am British and we have a variety of qualifications through the Royal Yachting Association. You can go through Day Skipper to Coastal Yachtmaster and Offshore yacht master to Ocean yacht master. Each has a theory and a practical side.

I currently hold offshore Yachtmaster practical and theory and Ocean theory only.

I am looking for a boat to act as First mate on that will be doing a non stop trip of at least 600nm, 200 of which are 50nm offshore and that takes a minimum of 96h. This will enable me to do the celestial sights etc that I need to complete the Practical. Happy to teach my (limited) knowledge of celestial navigation.

My boat can't do this.

I am looking for a boat that is perhaps crossing the Atlantic or similar and needs a mate. I won't make any charge for my time!

Need to do it after the travel bans are lifted but can be fairly flexible about timing

If you are interested please pm me with your email and we can exchange details, alternatively we can FaceTime/Skype/Zoom

I am on GMT +1

I have got various feelers out on this side of the pond but there may be more interest in coming to Europe.

Try Offshore Passage Opportunities. They line up folks like you looking for offshore experience with boat owners looking for crew. Been around a long time, and are well established.
Thanks very much for that - just what I was looking for


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