Choosing the right trawler for Inside Passage

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Aug 30, 2017
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Grand Banks 42
I'm a newbie to the forum; ready to buy a 32- to 36-foot trawler for Inside Passage voyage in the spring-summer of 2018, an experienced boater but this will be my first ownership of a yacht. Will buy used and am focused on Grand Banks, pre-2007 Nordic Tug or more recent American Tug. I know "it all depends," but would appreciate the guidance of those who have owned one or more of the above. Prime considerations are reliability and holding value; we expect to sell in 3-4 years. Thanks for any help.
Bruce, I'd suggest you walk the docks right there in PT, look at the boats, talk with the owners to find out what they like or don't like about their boats, and what they would want to do differently on the next one.

Current owners are a great source of information.
The right boat is the one you actually use and enjoy! Almost any boat is great for the inside passage. We have seen just about everything that floats up here and they all seem to enjoy the trip.
Read a few blogs, talk to the people that have done it, walk the docks. But dont worry too much about the specific boat, just one that you'll feel comfortable with and actually use.
I own a GB 36 that is currently for sale and would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our GB. We have owned it 5 years now.

Feel free to PM me and I will send you my phone number if you would like to chat. We have used her as far as the tip of Vancouver Island and points in between Olympia and the Broughton archipelago.
Next weekend is the Wood Boat Festival in PT. There will be several 32 & 36' GB's there to look at, including Ebbtide. Stop by for a cup of something!

Don't think you could go wrong with a G. B. In good condition. A. T.'s, and N. T.', are also good but tend to be out of my price comfort zone.
The right G. B. Should not lose value in your 3 year plan if it's maintained.
All good advice and many thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ve walked local docks and will do more; I’m trying to find the right blogs and social media platforms, starting with this one. Bob, I’ll plan to meet you at WB Fest next weekend. Keith I’ll contact you directly. Dave, your comments reflect what I’ve learned so far. I think I’m focused on a GB.

I sent a PM in case as a newbie you could not send one.

Keith Olive
Welcome Mate

You will know the right vessel for you once you step foot on her.



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