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JAT i did a good one about 4 years ago coming in late from dinner. Had wind and tide killing me trying to back into my slip on the 3rd try i was lined up juiced it hard aft and my ex was standing on the swim step ? thinking she was going to jump off and catch a line, So i am backing it down hard and once i was clear dropped the throttle slipped her in Fwd shot the fuel to her again and " guess what the shift cable end snapped off no warning" so then i was really hauling azz back into the slip. I looked back to see what i was going to crush beside my swim platform and before i could speak I slamed the dock launched the ex wife onto the dock at warp speed she made the dock jumped onto the sea wall then lost her footing on the wet grass and did a burn in hard. Then i looked and nothing was broken on the boat the wife was yelling at me but the docks were swaying and creaking and boats were rocking, Quickly i switched all the lights off shut her down and jumped over quick tie off and told everyone stay in the salon for a few mins. Ex wife #3 was hot over that for a week
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