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@#&*%-Garmin Inreach !!!!!!

Originally Posted by angus99 View Post
I wish I didnít have to sync to a laptop to update firmware.

Yes! I agree!

Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
Been working fine for me. Started 6 days ago and family are following us just fine.

I used to be a big fan. We used I extensively in past years, with the unlimited plan. But we started to have issues the last 2 years, and again this year. Itís a real PITA if tech support wants you to do a firmware update to fix your problem and the nearest cell service is days away! I just donít think it ranks very high up on Garminís long term plan. I would be at all surprised if they let it go ďfallowĒ one day. But if this is any indication of their commitment to support, Iíll be steering clear of Garmin when it comes to purchases of future bigger ticket electronics.

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