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"If the cosmetics have been allowed to degrade that much, what are the mechanicals like?"

Paint is critical on a wood boat to keep the rot out.

On a plastic boat what counts is not weather it shines in the dark , but weather it functions and is a delight to be aboard.

One delight was running the Loop with nothing but PM , the "mechanicals , water pump, bilge pump , waste pump are new , the auto pilot has a belted pump , which operates the wheel steering and the rebuilt windlass.

Small stuff like windshield wipers , anchor and running lights were new a couple of years ago, and are a big nothing to replace.

This boat is outfitted for KISS , there is no electronics suite , just a VHF and hand held GPS.

Happily the engine spent until the 1990s in a military reserve storage can from new , in a mountain depot.

AS we cruise at 7 K the engine A Detroit 6-71 Natural is less than 1/6 worn out.

If you are that interested in shine a top coat of paint is only a day away.
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